100% No Worries Money-Back Guarantee


We are so sure you will be thrilled with our service that we offer a 100% refund guarantee. *

Services and Pricing

  • complete production

    Benefit from our lowest prices when you come to us for recording, mixing and mastering. With a fixed price per song, we can ensure you won't blow your budget. Request your quote today!

    From 99 € per song

  • recording

    This is the process of capturing the best sound possible from each instrument. The result is delivered as a Pro Tools multitrack session. Mixing and mastering are not included. If you need these services, please refer to our "Complete Production" offer.

    55 € per hour

  • mixing

    Mixing is the process of crafting the best sound possible from an ensemble of instruments. The result is delivered as a stereo file that requires mastering prior to publishing. 

    180 € per song

  • mastering

    Mastering is the process of preparing a mixed record or single to sound its best on the final delivery medium. The result is a master file that is ready for publishing. 

    35 € per song

  • rap / Hip Hop

    This service is for those who wish to sing over a pre-recorded stereo instrumental track. It includes recording, vocal comping, editing, tuning, mixing, and mastering.  

    135 € per song

  • Podcast / voice over

    Recording only. Editing, mixing, and mastering not included. We can offer professional readers for an additional cost (several languages available). 

    45 € per episode


    For television and film professionals.

    95 € per hour

  • Online Mix Coaching

    Our mixing engineer will connect to your computer to see and hear everything you are doing in high definition, and will give you feedback in real time. Limited to one session per customer. 


* Terms and conditions for our 100% refund guarantee:

Refund requests must be made before approval of the masters. Refunds cannot be requested before the first day of recording. 

Christopher Meraz-Mata studied under Al Schmitt and Doug Sax, two of the world's greatest engineers. 

11 Rue Lacepede

13100 Aix-en-Provence

+33 6 2772 2647


Studio Aix is the only studio to offer a 100% money-back satisfaction guarantee. See terms and conditions here

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