The studio

This is a one-room studio, with integrated live room and control room which allows communication between the engineer and the band to flow more easily. The acoustic treatment is at the same time flexible and heavy-duty. There is enough space in the studio for a full rock band, or for a 16-piece choir. 


Our 2-meter Yamaha G5 grand piano has recently been fitted with brand new hammers from Renner, and the sound and the touch of the instrument have morphed into something incredible. We also have classical and acoustic guitars that have been set up by a professional in order to maximise purity of tone and playability. You are going to love producing here!



Yamaha G5 grand piano

Martin HD-28 acoustic guitar

Cervantes Studio Series classical guitar


TUBE-TECH MP 2A mic pre

Langevin Dual Mono mic pre

Midas XL48 mic pre

Radial Firefly Tube DI

Manley ELOP compressor

dbx160A compressor

Universal Audio Apollo x8 digital interface

Avid digital mixing control surface

Neumann KH120 monitors



Audio Technica AT5045 x2

AKG D112

Mojave MA-1000 x2

Mojave MA-200 x2

Mojave MA-201

Shure SM7B

Shure SM57 x2


Pro Tools 19.8

UAD plugins

Oxford plugins

SoundToys plugins

EastWest Orchestra sample library

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