450 € per song, TVA included

Our mixing engineer, Christopher Meraz-Mata, hails from New York and has been mentored by some of the greatest engineers of our time (including Al Schmitt and Doug Sax). Satisfied customers include artists from the USA, Italy, Netherlands, UK, and France. 

We will use every tool available for improving your mix, including:

  • Pitch correction

  • Timing correction

  • Drum replacement

  • Effects & automation

  • World-class reverb engines, and much more

Standard deliverables include: 

  • 2 revisions 

  • Mix

  • Vocal +1dB

  • Vocal -1dB

  • A cappella

  • Instrumental mix


Send us your files today to hear the magic we can work on your mix! You will have an opportunity to listen to the final mix prior to payment. Mastering is not included. 


Upload your files

We'll mix your songs during the first available time slot in our calendar. Payment will be requested at the end of the project. 

  • ​Ensure all files have a useful name such as "E Gtr" and not "Audio 2"

  • Remove all plugins and effects before bouncing your tracks, unless it's an effect that you want to hear on the final mix

  • All files must be in WAV format - mono files for mono instruments, stereo files for stereo instruments

  • All audio files should begin at the exact same moment so that we can easily line them up

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