Professional Mastering

35€ per song

Your mix is finished - now it's time to get in touch with a mastering engineer! His job is to make sure your mix sounds its best, and to prepare it for publishing on the final delivery medium. 

To find out what Studio Aix Mastering can do for your music, simply fill in the form below; we'll respond with a private and secure upload link for your mixes. 

We will proceed with the mastering on the first availability in our calendar, and you pay at the end only if you are satisfied with the result - if not, you owe nothing.

Since the advent of automatic online mastering, some clients have asked me why a mastering engineer is still necessary. Here are just a few of the advantages of working with an engineer, as opposed to mastering with artificial intelligence engines (AI):


  • An engineer can give you feedback to improve your mix before moving on to mastering.

  • Mastering is 50% artistic, but AI mastering misses this aspect completely.

  • An engineer can make the exact changes required by your mix and by your music; AI is just going to get in the ballpark.

  • AI can sometimes make mistakes that would never be accepted by an engineer.

  • AI can neither identify nor eliminate any extraneous noises in your mix.

Mastering Upload Request Form
Final delivery format

Christopher Meraz-Mata studied under Al Schmitt and Doug Sax, two of the world's greatest engineers. 

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