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Mastering Fee

50€ per song, VAT included

The purpose of mastering is to ensure your mixes sound best on the final delivery medium and on all playback systems. Here are a some of the included tasks: 

  • Album assembly and fade ins / fade outs

  • Limiting and dither

  • Compression and equalisation

  • Find and eliminate extraneous noises
  • Ensuring the finished product meets all online streaming standards

  • Adding metadata, PQ, and IRSC codes for CD

  • Ensuring the finished product meets EBU R 128 or Red Book standards

  • Online file delivery

  • Creation of CD Master or DDP file

  • Creation of Vinyl Master files and Track Listing


The button below will take you to our secure upload page. We'll start your master during the first empty slot in our calendar.


  • Please remove all limiters prior to export / bounce

  • Bit rate and sample rate should be the same as used during the mixing session

  • We accept stereo WAV files only


Payment is due at the end of the project. You'll have a chance to listen to your master and request modifications prior to payment. If you aren't 100% satisfied with the result, no payment will be required.

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