45€ per track

Our mastering engineer, Christopher Meraz-Mata, hails from New York and was mentored by some of the greatest engineers of our time (including Al Schmitt, Doug Sax, and Steve Genewick).​ Satisfied customers include artists from the USA, Italy, Netherlands, UK, and France. 

Our price includes masters for all requested formats. If you want to do CD and vinyl for example, you will receive all the masters necessary for no extra charge! Stem mastering for two stems (vocal and instrumental) is included at no extra charge. Stem mastering with more than two stems costs an additional 15€ per song. 

The mastering engineer's job is to make sure your mix sounds its best, and to prepare it for publishing on the final delivery medium. Here are some of the most basic tasks required of the mastering engineer: 

  • Compression / expansion

  • Equalisation / spatialisation

  • Limiting, level boost and dither

  • Album assembly and fade ins / outs

  • Adding metadata, PQ, and IRSC codes

  • Ensuring the finished product meets EBU R 128 / Red Book standards

Mastering with an engineer has significant advantages over automatic online mastering, for example:

  • An artistic and creative sensibility

  • The ability to critique and improve your mix before mastering even begins

  • Easily avoiding errors that can be made by automatic mastering

  • Identifying and eliminating extraneous noises from your mix


Send us your files today and hear the magic we can work on your mix! To take advantage of your free trial, just upload your music by clicking on the button at the bottom of this page.


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We'll master your music during the next available time slot in our calendar. Payment will be requested at the end of the project. 

  • Remove all limiters prior to export / bounce

  • The preferred bit rate / sample rate is the same as the mixing session

  • Please include a mix version number in each file name

  • We accept only stereo WAV files

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