Rap Recording

235€ per song

RapMartin Huc
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So you want to record rap, trap or hip hop vocals? This service is for those who wish to sing over a pre-recorded instrumental backing track (in any genre). Recording, comping, tuning, mixing and mastering are all included for one low price per song! 

The recording session will last 1:45 (most of our customers finish in one hour). For more professional results, we recommend working on the backing vocals and ad-libs before coming in to the studio. We will work on mixing your track after your departure, and you should have the mastered track delivered via internet in 2-3 days. 

WAV files are preferred for the instrumental track (avoid using MP3's if possible). Please send us the instrumental at least 24 hours before your recording. You may send a single pre-mixed stereo track, or individual stems. 

If you are looking for recording only without mixing and mastering, please visit this page.